What was your first experience with horror and what impact did it have on you?

Missy Poison:  My first experience with horror was at the age of 10 when i was allowed to watch Nightmare on Elm Street by a babysitter, I was so mesmerised by what was going on and extremely afraid but clearly not afraid enough because it became the one film i wanted to watch from then onwards, I very moved on to Cannibal Holocaust which i was told i was allowed to watch to actual frighten me

into not ever wanting to watch another horror again...that didnt work, so I see it as having a great positive impact on my life even as a child. I knew from a very early age that it wasnt real and to not be afraid of the things that go bump in the night.

Where do you get inspiration for your photos?

Inspiration for us comes from all sorts of sources, not just horror. I am inspired by beauty and make it my mission to make it dark and sinister looking so people can use their imagination to see the beauty in the darkness of the world.

Movies inspire you very much. If you were to name the three most beautiful horror films of all time, what would they be?

Nightmare on Elm Street is top of the list….not only did it mark the start of a beautiful relationship with horror for me but looking back now the idea of having a man who is actually able to drag you into his comfort zone, torment and torture you in your dream and kill you was definitely something very different and original.The Excorcist is another top 3 for us, again its one of those iconic films that at the time of release it was different and original and controversial.

Our third has to be House on Haunted Hill the original Vincent Price, it has inspired us to not only shoot a great set of images from it but it also gives us inspirational material for our photography and video work.