Esce per la collana 221B, curata da Luigi Pachì per i tipi di Delos Digital, la novellette The Mistery of Three Mendicants di Paul D. Gilbert con protagonista Sherlock Holmes. Il racconto, in inglese, si insinua nei misteri di un antico culto che mette in pericolo il destino di Watson e Holmes.

The Mystery of the Three Mendicants

Il libro

After an encounter with an acquaintance and colleague from the past, Doctor Watson is led upon a dangerous and life threatening path towards a mysterious hidden chamber and an uncertain future. Sherlock Holmes is propelled upon a similar route, guided by the testimony of a devotee of an ancient and religious cult. Only Holmes is capable of unravelling the secrets of the chamber, but will he arrive there in time?


Paul D Gilbert was born in London in 1954. He now lives in Harrow with his wife 'and editor' Jackie. They have two sons, Stephen and Philip and a four year old Grandson, Dylan. Besides his beloved writing, Paul also enjoys all aspects of ancient history, movies, science fiction and a vast array of different kinds of music and sport. He is currently employed as a full time undertaker and is close to completing his eighth Sherlock Holmes pastiche.

Paul D. Gilbert, The Mystery of the Three Mendicants , Delos Digital, 221B 28, isbn: 9788825429336, ebook formato kindle (su o epub (sugli altri store) con social drm (watermark) dove disponibile , Euro 1,99 iva inclusa

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